Nina Simone Tribute
Renata Tosi 5et • special guest Jacopo Jacopetti

Renata Tosi > voice
Jacopo Jacopetti > sax
Danilo Memoli > piano
Federico Valdemarca > doublebass
Enzo Carpentieri > drums

Nina Simone was one of the greatest talents in the history of Afro-American music: her experience as a singer, pianist and interpreter has no equivalents, furthermore her career reflects all the drama and intensity of her own existence and of the 20th Century.
Renata Tosi has the most suiting vocal style and personality to interpret Nina Simone’s classics with power, but also the right expressive grace that bewitches the audience. Accompanied by four excellent musicians – who are able to create a perfect harmony for this tribute – she brings on stage a memorable concert. The concert presents Nina Simone’s most famous songs and others less known, taken from the period of the ‘70s, when her songs combined jazz and African rhythms, blues and soul.

With pianist Danilo Memoli, Federico Valdemarca on the bass and Enzo Carpentieri on the drums – all musicians of high caliber and international experience – Renata has chosen to form a group of musicians with solid rhythmic foundation, talented and characterized by a particular musical feeling. Special Guest of the evening is Jacopo Jacopetti, one of the most authentic Italian saxophonists of the jazz scene since the ’80s, when he founded the Italian Repertory with drummer Gianni Cazzola. Jacopetti recorded several albums, as Jaycops and No Voicesè, and has also played for pop recordings and toured with several projects, including collaborations with Eros Ramazzotti, Fabio Concato, Matia Bazar, Ornella Vanoni, Aldo Tagliapietra.

Renata “Renny” Tosi, renowned jazz singer and soloist in numerous theaters, clubs and festivals, television and radio broadcasts, has had a long series of collaborations as guest star at international live events of important musicians, such as Dusko Gojkovick, George Brown, Dado Moroni, Tony Scott, Sal Nistico, Bob Mover, Eliot Zigmund and Tom Kirkpatrick.
For over 20 years, Renata Tosi taught singing.  She currently teaches at CEPAM and holds several seminars on jazz singing. She attended the conservatory “A. Peri” in Reggio Emilia and the conservatory’ “F. Ghedini” in Cuneo and still attends piano classes with Marcello Mazzoni at the “Italian Classics” of Reggio Emilia and many vocal jazz training workshops (i.e. with the legendary Barry Harris, who acquaintances continue to this day). Interested in oriental disciplines, including the practice of martial arts, she attends thematically seminars on the holistic characteristic of Voice (Luke Votta, overtone singing and mantras with MandalaLux), in 2015 she started to hold some events dedicated to the exploration of the Voice in a holistic sense at the Mahatma Center in Reggio Emilia.

June 24 2016 – Program – Terme Preistoriche, Montegrotto Terme (PD)

7.00 pm Entrance
8.00 pm Cocktail by the Chalet hot spring swimming pools
8.30 pm Buffet dinner in the park
10.00 pm Concert – Nina Simone Tribute: Renata Tosi 5et • special guest Jacopo Jacopetti
Access to the concert and pool or only to the concert is also available.
For the dinner, booking is required.