Alan Farrington in

Century Notes• No smoking 4et

Alan Farrington > voice
Roberto Soggetti > piano
Marco Cocconi > bass
Ricky Biancoli > drums

Century Notes represents a musical journey from the origins of jazz through blues to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor Brown.
The No Smoking 4et has recorded two discs: ‘yeah’ and a tribute to Frank Sinatra “Frank My Dear.” Among the band, Sandro Gibellini, Marco Micheli, Mauro Negri, Hellas Bandini, Ares Tavolazzi, Andrea Dulbecco and numerous other prestigious musicians have played.
Singer, bass player and guitarist, Alan Farrington – British – began quite young his career as a musician. In 1974 he was asked to play with his band in the United States, where he began his professional career and had his first encounter with the masses. He attended in Maryland a well known music school improving his vocal range and intensity.
After a period in the States, he moved to Rome where he worked for ten years in the record and advertising productions field. After that he moved to Milan, where he recorded two albums: “Shout On” and “No News, Bad News”. Farrington, with the collaboration of fine musicians, started numerous important and successful bands. With his first group, “Charlie and the Cats” (Farrington, Cinelli, Valbusa), Alan produced eight disks and a movie (I’m Out). In 1993 he recorded “Frank My Dear”, a magical album recorded on air and tribute to Frank Sinatra, and two CDs on the history of Blues. In 2002, as bass player and singer, he recorded with his Hammond Trio, the album “Lounge Out” and in the same year he sung in “The illusion”; in 2003 he made the DVD ” No Smoking Live Tv Show “and in 2005 he recorded the album ” Easy Way Out “.

Program 2 September 2016 – Terme Preistoriche, Montegrotto Terme (PD)

7.00 pm Entrance
8.00 pm Cocktail by the Chalet hot spring swimming pools
8.30 pm Buffet dinner in the park
10.00 pm Concert – Alan Farrington in Century Notes• No smoking 4et

Access to the concert and pool or only to the concert is also available.
For the dinner, booking is required.